Online Shopping Tips & Tricks!

Online Shopping Tips & Tricks!

Online shopping can be a tedious task, am I shopping on the right site? Are there better offers out there? Fear not! In order to ease these thoughts I have compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use to save yourself a few bob when scrolling through those online aisles!

Switch from € to £!!

Should the online store you’re perusing give you the option to shop in multiple currencies, shopping in pounds can often lead to a significant drop in the price! For example, what is often listed as £25 could cost €35, when in reality, the exchange rate is much less. You should really only be paying €27ish for the same item if converted correctly. This is why shopping in pounds saves money, your payment will be processed at the current exchange rate! It is always wise, however, to check the value before proceeding with purchase as things like Brexit and Trump can cause fierce fluctuation, but for the most part you should be saving yourself a pretty penny!

I obviously had to test this theory and purchased this Boohoo Chunky Knit Cardigan and these ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans from the ASOS website, selecting the Sterling option instead of Euro.  I made savings of about €15!

white pumpkin.jpg

Perfect snuggly cardigan for the Autumn/Winter months!


Shop around before committing!

Seems obvious, but sometimes the excitement of having the debit card in hand becomes too much, and your bank balance isn’t even called into question as you add that Chenille jumper to your cart in every conceivable colour!

Before overdrawing your account, consider searching on multiple sites. Often when a more expensive High Street shop releases the new “it” pieces for the season, more affordable items tend to pop up down the line. There’s the age old debate of the quality of some of these brands, but if it’s purely a trend that’ll probably disappear as fast as it came in, opting for cheaper may prove wiser in the long-run!

It is also best to consider shopping around when it comes to purchasing off of online stores that host multiple brands. These sites are great for when you’re feeling spendy and want variety, there’s usually free shipping thrown in as incentive, what’s not to love? But, should you be feeling the pinch, and want to purchase just one or two bits from a brand sold on sites like these, it’s a good idea to first check the brands own website. The price tag is often cheaper when shopping directly from the stores own site!

leg up.jpg

ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans, so comfy!

Take advantage of discounts!

If you’re a student, sites like UNiDAYS or Student Beans let you sign up using your student ID to avail of the discounts you receive in-store online. They’ll often have special discounts with certain stores throughout the year, going from the usual 10% discount to 15% or 20% with their unique codes, very handy for that student budget!

They can be painfully annoying to see pop up in your inbox, but signing up to an online stores newsletter can often lead to some savings. If it’s your first time visiting the site they’ll often give you the option to sign up and get a certain percentage off, I suggest going for it, you can always unsubscribe the next day! Should you choose to keep receiving newsletters, be sure to actually open them every now and again, there’s usually some notice of a discount code or sale coming up! Having an account on a site and receiving newsletters can also lead to them sending you a discount code for certain occasions, especially your birthday! Who doesn’t enjoy a birthday gift from themselves, to themselves, amiright??

Another sneaky way to save money when shopping online is to sign up to/sign into your account, and add the pieces you like to your basket. Leave them there for a day or two, and you’ll more than likely get that “Hi, remember me?” email, informing you you have left some items in your basket. Attached is a discount code to act as incentive for you to purchase! And sure why wouldn’t you with a few €’s knocked off the price tag??


Happy shopping!!

xoxo – Yer wan, Jessie


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