“Random few bits” from Penney’s

“Random few bits” from Penney’s

Have you ever popped into Penney’s/Primark, whichever it goes by where you are, for a pair of tights, and left the proud owner of 3 scented candles, a Disney pyjama set with matching dressing gown and 2 new pairs of boots (sure they were only 20 quid, why wouldn’t ya??) Yes? Good, not just me then…

Whilst having a peruse around my local Penney’s the other day I found myself in the section that isn’t quite the beauty section, not quite the accessories section, it’s that aisle located between that seems to play host to those random few bits you may not expect to find in Penney’s, toothpaste for example! I wasn’t aware I could find such a thing in a Penney’s store, let alone an own-brand charcoal toothpaste that promises to whiten teeth!

My intrigue was captivated and so I set about wandering, picking up a what I can only describe as a “few random bits.”

Below are some of the products I decided were worth further investigation!

All together

The first item to catch my eye was this lip exfoliant. I’ve used a few lip exfoliators but never in this lipstick bullet-esque style. I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. The formula isn’t too grainy or harsh, and has a mint fragrance which leaves lips feeling softened and moisturised! If you’re looking for a light scrub to get rid of some dry skin especially coming into the chillier months then this is for you!

Lip packageLip up close

I didn’t think I’d have much use for this “Primer Water” but was fascinated at the prospect of it so purchased it anyway. I actually really like this product! I not only use it as a primer before applying foundation but I also use it to blend out cream contour, and it came in very handy around Halloween for costume-makeup!

I was surprised to see Penney’s makes their own range of shampoo’s and conditioners, and decided to pick up the strengthening formula. I’ve yet to use these so can’t give an in-depth review but it smells delightful, and at €3 for both they’re worth a try! I’m also a fan of the silver packaging, makes them look a lot more expensive than they actually are!

shampoo in frontShampoo side by side

Beautyblender make a product similar to this but at a much higher price, so when I saw this propped up in the make-up brush section I decided to pop it in my basket. It’s a handy product to have if you own a sponge applicator. Unlike soap it doesn’t cling as much to the sponge when washing so it reduces rinsing a little bit!

Sponge cleaner

I was very excited to spot this as I headed to the check-out. The internet is bombarded with charcoal products lately, for hair, for skin, and for teeth. So I said I’d jump on the teeth-whitening bandwagon! The toothpaste promises to whiten teeth and freshen breath. I haven’t been using it long enough to comment on the whitening capabilities but it’s not very minty, so find the whole “fresh breath” thing a bit of a miss. I shall have to keep you posted on whether or not I gain pearly whites!


Last but not least is this brush cleaner that I actually purchased during the summer but felt it deserved a shout-out, and they’re still in stock in-store.

The texture of the brush cleaner makes it easy to get rid of those stubborn bits that like to cling to brushes. I also love it because it prevents you from burning the hand off yourself as you try to clean brushes! Win/win really! It’s quite small in comparison to other brush cleaners I’ve seen on the market, but I still find it functional!

Brush cleaner

Any recommendations of other random bits that can be picked up in Penney’s? Any excuse for another mosey around!

xoxo – “Yer Wan”, Jessie


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