Why I Started Blogging & Now Really Enjoy It!

Why I Started Blogging & Now Really Enjoy It!

To be very honest, I set up my blog in order to showcase my writing and content creation skills to future employers. Fresh out of college I noticed whist rifling through job adverts, employers were seeking examples of work through online portfolios, Youtube channels, or blogs.

Why I Started Blogging & Now Really Enjoy It!

Pondering the blogging life…


I hummed and hawed for months on whether I could start a blog, an extreme shyness and lack of confidence standing in my way. “People would think I’ve got serious notions” was a very real concern of mine. Who was I to share my opinions and thoughts on the Internet? And then I thought, well, if others are doing it why can’t I? I’ve got things to say, and a unique outlook on life, and maybe someone out there might have an interest in what I have to write, and even if they don’t, who really cares? It’s my blog after all, and if I can impress someone enough to hire me, well then that’s all that really matters! 

So, when I pressed ‘Publish’ on that first blog post, and announced it via an Instagram post my heart was in my mouth. I was so concerned as to what others might think. And to my relief, the response was really positive! No one left negative comments, no one messaged me being nasty, asking who I thought I was putting myself out there online.

Why I Started Blogging & Now Really Enjoy It!

Looking out for them job offers like…

Why I Started Blogging & Now Really Enjoy It!

If anything, the positive response to my blog lead to my confidence growing tenfold. It’s a great way to express creativity, and brainstorming over new content to produce gives me a great sense of purpose. Feeling productive whilst looking for a job is very beneficial to one’s mental health. 

What started as something to add to my CV, blogging has now become a creative outlet. It may not be the most popular of blogs, and I by no means would call myself a ‘blogger’, but growing a small consistent following has become a fun challenge, and I’m proud of my little corner of the internet. 

Why I Started Blogging & Now Really Enjoy It!

I hope to continue blogging and have some more creative ideas coming up for 2018, now all I have to do is a find a means of executing them… *insert pondering emoji here* 

If you’re having doubts about doing something, whether it’s starting a blog like myself, joining a class, or pursuing an interest etc etc, I urge you to just go for it! Honestly, no one will judge you for doing something you’re passionate about, and if they do, it’s them with the problem, not you. It can always seem industries are over-saturated with tonnes of people trying to do the same thing, but sure everyone’s got a unique outlook on life, and if you’ve got something to share with the world you may as well, ain’t no one gonna do it for ya! 

xoxo – “Yer Wan”, Jessie


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