13 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love! #TreatYourself

13 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love! #TreatYourself

Valentines Day can often cause an (unneeded) void in society, two separate groups emerge on this day of the year, the couples and the singletons. It can often feel like a time of great debate, is such a holiday necessary? Is it just another big commercialised holiday invented by the card companies? Who knows… There is one thing I know though, people often get so wrapped up in spending Valentine’s Day doing something with someone they love, or possibly someone they don’t even remotely like, just because that’s what we’re told to do!

Well, this Valentine’s Day (or in fact most days), why not be a little selfish and rather than spending it with, or spending a fortune on, someone (your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/cat/Mam all included) be a little selfish and love/treat yourself! 

Often associated with vanity or being a moral flaw, self-love is something that’s being more widely practised and talked about. The only constant in your life is gonna be you, so you may as well love yourself, it’ll be a very long life if not…!

13 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love! #TreatYourself

I’ve compiled a list of thirteen things (because fourteen would be far too cliché and Valentines-esque, amiright?) you can do to show yourself some love. Some are simple and inexpensive, others may involve a decrease in your bank account, but in the words of L’Oreal you’re “worth it”! 

13 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love! #TreatYourself

“To Me, From Me xoxo”

1.Take a nice long bath! 

Is there anything better than treating yourself to a nice long soak? Light a few candles, load up your favourite Netflix show, drop in a nice Lush bath bomb and immerse yourself in a world of deliciously scented bubbles! If you’re feeling extra cheeky, even add a cup of tea into the mix! 

 2. Have a Pyjama day! 

How often do you take the time to just do nothing? (For me it’s more often than i care to admit but we won’t talk about that…). Set aside a day for yourself to lounge about in your pjs and do absolutely nothing! 

3. Read a book!

The WHOLE book! Again, it’s pretty much a do nothing day but if you make a dent in a book you love, you’ll feel you’ve accomplished something, so it’s a win/win really!

4. Binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to watch! 

A lot of my tips are revolving around doing pretty much nothing, but we are often so busy making time for everyone and everything else that we forget to focus on ourselves. The best way to do that is to spend some time alone with yourself, often just taking things easy. With this in mind, rev up your laptop and watch at least 4 seasons of your fav show, or watch that series you’ve had recorded on the TV for the past 6 months, today is the day of you.

5. Book that massage!

You’ve always wanted one or have been meaning to book one for agggeeess, well, now’s your chance! Ditch the night out or fancy restaurant date, and instead schedule that spa treatment you’ve been daydreaming about ever since you did that one dodgy workout and put your back/hip/legs out of joint… you know you want to…

6. Order the takeaway! 

With the pressure to always eat healthy and the fact that eating out/takeaways aren’t always the most affordable thing, we learn to ignore the cravings for a takeaway. Today, however, you’re gonna order a takeaway and you’re not gonna feel one bit guilty about it! #TreatYoSelf! 

13 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love! #TreatYourself

7. Go for a walk. 

Might seem a bit dull, but a bit of fresh air and the opportunity to spend quite time alone with your thoughts can be a great way to get in touch with what’s going on in your life, and figure out any issues you may be having, or just take the time to appreciate all the good stuff you’ve got going on. 

8. Have lunch… by yourself.

Eating or just having a coffee alone can seem a bit daunting but again, it’s a great time to reflect on life and get in touch with yourself (sounds uber cheesy but these things are v important for your mental wellness), so why not treat yourself to a nice lunch and a bit of me time?

9. Purchase that item you’ve been eyeing!

Sometimes we need a bit of retail therapy, so why not treat yourself to that handbag/dress etc you’ve been eyeing, or if you feel like you are head over heels for yourself, add all these items from your ‘saved list’ on ASOS to your cart… 

10. Plan or Book a holiday!

Whether it’s one you want to take alone or with friends/family, give yourself the ultimate pick-me-up by planning (even booking if you’re in a position to do so) your next getaway! 

11. Get your hair done.

Whether it’s a complete new look or just a wash and blow-dry, relaxing in the hairdressers chair can be a great way to de-stress and show yourself some love! 

12. Do something that scares you!

This is very person-specific, some people might equate it to skydiving, others may find signing up for a yoga course a bit overwhelming, whatever your scale of scariness you’ll end up thanking yourself one day that you did it! 

13. Cinema by yourself! 

This is something I’ve never done myself but have it on my “To Do in 2018” list. To some people going to the cinema alone might not seem like a big deal but to other’s (like moi) it can seem very daunting. But it does make sense, there’s always that one movie that comes out and you’re dying to go see it but no one else is interested. Rather than wait for it to show up on your Netflix, march yourself down to the cinema and buy a ticket for one!


13 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love! #TreatYourself

Pure delira with my balloons!!

What ways do you like to treat yourself? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo – “Yer Wan”, Jessie


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