Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation & Concealer Review

Whilst I love my Huda Beauty #FauxFilter foundation, it can be very heavy on the skin. I’ve been embracing a more natural look when it comes to makeup lately, and so I took to the aisles of Boots to find a lightweight foundation with good coverage. I never intended to buy the matching concealer and foundation, something I’ve never done, but after trying several different brands in several different shades (no joke, my hand was in an awful state by the time I had finished!) I came to the conclusion that this foundation and concealer were the right fit for me. See what I did there?… I’ll let myself out… Anyways onto the review!

Fit Me! Foundation

First Impressions & Application

I really loved the consistency of this foundation when I first tested it out. Its lightweight, easy to blend, and doesn’t cake or flake on the skin. I have applied it with both a foundation buffing brush and a Beautyblender and both applications were smooth. This is the type of foundation that on the initial application gives you a light coverage but allows you to build it up in order to gain a more full coverage look if desired.

Longevity & Colour

I have dry/combination skin and with this in mind, the Fit Me! foundation lasts all day on me. I don’t set my makeup with powder as I feel it clings to the dry patches on my face, so it’s great that this lasts the day.

I have very pale skin, practically translucent, so I chose 102 Fair Ivory. This shade has very pinky undertones so it’s not the ideal match for my skin but I’m glad to see Maybelline have improved their shade range. Memories of selecting the “Ivory” shade back in the day and it revealing to be an extremely tan/orange colour do come to mind. So whilst the colour isn’t an ideal match it’s the best selection in this range for a paler skin tone.

Ignore the v awkward hand positioning… a hand model I am most certainly not!

Fit Me! Concealer

First Impressions & Application

Ever since I swatched this in-store I knew I had to give it a go. I loved the creamy texture and the effect it gave to my skin when blended in. I usually always reach for the Collection Lasting Perfection (great coverage, would recommend) however, I feel it does oxidise a wee bit and just fancied a change!

This concealer is quite thick on initial inspection but does blend out seamlessly. I have using both a Beautyblender and my fingertips to apply both under the eyes and to any blemishes.

Longevity & Colour

Like the foundation, this concealer stays put for a good amount of time. I didn’t find it necessary to set with any powder. I also don’t find I need to reapply throughout the day.

Whilst the foundation has a pink undertone, the opposite is true of the concealer which has yellow undertones. Again, I don’t really mind as it is very subtle. The yellow hue does also help to counteract the pinks and purples of the under eye area or any spots. I find mixing a small bit of concealer with the foundation before applying creates a near perfect shade!

A comparison of the shades

All in all I would recommend these products if you are in the market for an affordable foundation and concealer that goes the distance and applies like a dream!

Concealer& Foundation both from Boots

What are your favourite “drugstore” brands? What products would you recommend?

“xoxo” – Yer Wan, Jessie

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