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Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few Thoughts

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few Thoughts

After discovering I was coming to the end of my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, turns out Mumsy dear had been sneaking a pump or two here and there, I was in the market for a new foundation. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Nars Sheer Glow but when I finish a foundation I like to try out something new, cue Huda Beauty’s new #FauxFilter Foundation! I had heard wonderful things about the foundation and decided to give it a go.

First Impressions

To be completely honest, my first impression of this foundation was not great. I found it to be very heavy, hard to blend, and slightly cakey, a serious disappointment. Because I had purchased the product online the shade was also too light, surprising for me as the lightest shade is ALWAYS the right shade for me as I have a complexion that could rival that of Casper the Friendly Ghost!

I didn’t let these first impressions stop me from attempting application again the next day. This time I made sure to apply more moisturiser than usual as the formula of the foundation was not a great match for my dry skin. I was more impressed this time round, using my fingers to apply rather than a foundation brush or Beautyblender. It blended more seamlessly and sat on my skin better.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few ThoughtsHuda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few Thoughts


The third time trying out this foundation I opted to use the free sample of “The Complexion Perfection” primer that had come in the box with the foundation. This helped immensely in both the application of the product and the way in which it sat on my skin. Clever move on behalf of Huda Beauty when you think about it, if the formula only really works when you pair it with the primer, you’re going to cave and buy the primer… *adds to cart, proceeds to checkout…*

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few Thoughts

Note to self, photograph before opening…


The formula on this foundation is very thick, but once applied properly it really does make your skin look amazing! It adds a nice glow to the complexion, I found I needed to apply less highlighter as the foundation really brought out a natural dewyness.

If you have extremely dry skin I would stay away from this particular formula as I feel it will only cling and cake to the dry patches. If you have oily skin it’s more than likely the perfect fit for you!

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few Thoughts

I also found less of a need for concealer. The foundation really does all the work! It also has a light scent which I questioned at first as I was worried it could lead to breakouts but so far so good!


I was very impressed by the staying power of this foundation. The combination of the primer underneath helps prolong the life of your foundation. I applied in the morning and when I went to take my make-up off in the evening it was still pretty much in place, a few small areas had worn off due to sitting too close to the fire but all in all the coverage was still very much there!

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: A Few Thoughts

Please enjoy this picture of my face…


I purchased the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter from Brown Thomas, get yours here.


xoxo – “Yer Wan”, Jessie


A Few Good Winter Coats!

A Few Good Winter Coats!

In my humble opinion, those of us who live in places where “raining again!” is more of a greeting than a comment on the weather, should spend the majority of our money on a few good winter coats, seeing as it’s rear anyone will ever see what’s underneath, sure you’d only freeze if you took it off!

So I’ve compiled a list of a few good winter coats to get you through the Winter of 2017, which lets be honest, will stretch well into March of 2018 in Ireland!

The Teddy Bear Coat

First up, one of the biggest coat trends of this season, the Teddy Bear Coat. Aptly named as it will make you look like a giant Teddy Bear. It will also keep you nice and cosy during those absolutely freezing days! You can throw this on over anything and instantly look like you’ve made more effort than you actually have! What’s not to like?

Back of TeddyBench Teddy BearSteps Teddy Bear SittingTeddy Bear StairsI got this one from Topshop and it’s so soft and comfy!!


The Check Coat

Check is showing up in all forms this year, from blazers to pant suits to coats! The world and its mother seems to own a check coat this winter but if you can’t beat em, join em!

Trench StepsTrench Steps Sit DownEven though I’m only 5′ 3″ I was drawn to the longer ankle length of this and find it’s not as hard to pull off as I thought (at least I hope…)!

I picked mine up on boohoo, find a similar one here!



The Camel Coat

The Camel Coat has been a statement coat for a few years now, its a classic piece that can be as easily dressed up as it can be dressed down! Throw it on over anything and instantly add a touch of class to your look!

Camel and HatWall CamelWall

Camel No Hat

Fierce Windy Out!

I picked this one up in Penneys/Primark last year but they have very similar ones available this year.

Hopefully you found some inspo to keep you warm this winter!

xoxo – “Yer Wan”, Jessie



“Random few bits” from Penney’s

“Random few bits” from Penney’s

Have you ever popped into Penney’s/Primark, whichever it goes by where you are, for a pair of tights, and left the proud owner of 3 scented candles, a Disney pyjama set with matching dressing gown and 2 new pairs of boots (sure they were only 20 quid, why wouldn’t ya??) Yes? Good, not just me then…

Whilst having a peruse around my local Penney’s the other day I found myself in the section that isn’t quite the beauty section, not quite the accessories section, it’s that aisle located between that seems to play host to those random few bits you may not expect to find in Penney’s, toothpaste for example! I wasn’t aware I could find such a thing in a Penney’s store, let alone an own-brand charcoal toothpaste that promises to whiten teeth!

My intrigue was captivated and so I set about wandering, picking up a what I can only describe as a “few random bits.”

Below are some of the products I decided were worth further investigation!

All together

The first item to catch my eye was this lip exfoliant. I’ve used a few lip exfoliators but never in this lipstick bullet-esque style. I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. The formula isn’t too grainy or harsh, and has a mint fragrance which leaves lips feeling softened and moisturised! If you’re looking for a light scrub to get rid of some dry skin especially coming into the chillier months then this is for you!

Lip packageLip up close

I didn’t think I’d have much use for this “Primer Water” but was fascinated at the prospect of it so purchased it anyway. I actually really like this product! I not only use it as a primer before applying foundation but I also use it to blend out cream contour, and it came in very handy around Halloween for costume-makeup!

I was surprised to see Penney’s makes their own range of shampoo’s and conditioners, and decided to pick up the strengthening formula. I’ve yet to use these so can’t give an in-depth review but it smells delightful, and at €3 for both they’re worth a try! I’m also a fan of the silver packaging, makes them look a lot more expensive than they actually are!

shampoo in frontShampoo side by side

Beautyblender make a product similar to this but at a much higher price, so when I saw this propped up in the make-up brush section I decided to pop it in my basket. It’s a handy product to have if you own a sponge applicator. Unlike soap it doesn’t cling as much to the sponge when washing so it reduces rinsing a little bit!

Sponge cleaner

I was very excited to spot this as I headed to the check-out. The internet is bombarded with charcoal products lately, for hair, for skin, and for teeth. So I said I’d jump on the teeth-whitening bandwagon! The toothpaste promises to whiten teeth and freshen breath. I haven’t been using it long enough to comment on the whitening capabilities but it’s not very minty, so find the whole “fresh breath” thing a bit of a miss. I shall have to keep you posted on whether or not I gain pearly whites!


Last but not least is this brush cleaner that I actually purchased during the summer but felt it deserved a shout-out, and they’re still in stock in-store.

The texture of the brush cleaner makes it easy to get rid of those stubborn bits that like to cling to brushes. I also love it because it prevents you from burning the hand off yourself as you try to clean brushes! Win/win really! It’s quite small in comparison to other brush cleaners I’ve seen on the market, but I still find it functional!

Brush cleaner

Any recommendations of other random bits that can be picked up in Penney’s? Any excuse for another mosey around!

xoxo – “Yer Wan”, Jessie


Online Shopping Tips & Tricks!

Online Shopping Tips & Tricks!

Online shopping can be a tedious task, am I shopping on the right site? Are there better offers out there? Fear not! In order to ease these thoughts I have compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use to save yourself a few bob when scrolling through those online aisles!

Switch from € to £!!

Should the online store you’re perusing give you the option to shop in multiple currencies, shopping in pounds can often lead to a significant drop in the price! For example, what is often listed as £25 could cost €35, when in reality, the exchange rate is much less. You should really only be paying €27ish for the same item if converted correctly. This is why shopping in pounds saves money, your payment will be processed at the current exchange rate! It is always wise, however, to check the value before proceeding with purchase as things like Brexit and Trump can cause fierce fluctuation, but for the most part you should be saving yourself a pretty penny!

I obviously had to test this theory and purchased this Boohoo Chunky Knit Cardigan and these ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans from the ASOS website, selecting the Sterling option instead of Euro.  I made savings of about €15!

white pumpkin.jpg

Perfect snuggly cardigan for the Autumn/Winter months!


Shop around before committing!

Seems obvious, but sometimes the excitement of having the debit card in hand becomes too much, and your bank balance isn’t even called into question as you add that Chenille jumper to your cart in every conceivable colour!

Before overdrawing your account, consider searching on multiple sites. Often when a more expensive High Street shop releases the new “it” pieces for the season, more affordable items tend to pop up down the line. There’s the age old debate of the quality of some of these brands, but if it’s purely a trend that’ll probably disappear as fast as it came in, opting for cheaper may prove wiser in the long-run!

It is also best to consider shopping around when it comes to purchasing off of online stores that host multiple brands. These sites are great for when you’re feeling spendy and want variety, there’s usually free shipping thrown in as incentive, what’s not to love? But, should you be feeling the pinch, and want to purchase just one or two bits from a brand sold on sites like these, it’s a good idea to first check the brands own website. The price tag is often cheaper when shopping directly from the stores own site!

leg up.jpg

ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans, so comfy!

Take advantage of discounts!

If you’re a student, sites like UNiDAYS or Student Beans let you sign up using your student ID to avail of the discounts you receive in-store online. They’ll often have special discounts with certain stores throughout the year, going from the usual 10% discount to 15% or 20% with their unique codes, very handy for that student budget!

They can be painfully annoying to see pop up in your inbox, but signing up to an online stores newsletter can often lead to some savings. If it’s your first time visiting the site they’ll often give you the option to sign up and get a certain percentage off, I suggest going for it, you can always unsubscribe the next day! Should you choose to keep receiving newsletters, be sure to actually open them every now and again, there’s usually some notice of a discount code or sale coming up! Having an account on a site and receiving newsletters can also lead to them sending you a discount code for certain occasions, especially your birthday! Who doesn’t enjoy a birthday gift from themselves, to themselves, amiright??

Another sneaky way to save money when shopping online is to sign up to/sign into your account, and add the pieces you like to your basket. Leave them there for a day or two, and you’ll more than likely get that “Hi, remember me?” email, informing you you have left some items in your basket. Attached is a discount code to act as incentive for you to purchase! And sure why wouldn’t you with a few €’s knocked off the price tag??


Happy shopping!!

xoxo – Yer wan, Jessie


Trying the Trend: A/W ’17

Trying the Trend: A/W ’17

Three trends I’ve noticed pop up constantly this season are fur, leather, and, most predominantly, red! The colour really seems to be everywhere, not that that’s a bad thing, I’ve always been a fan!

So, I decided why not incorporate all three into an outfit in an effort to showcase some of the biggest trends this Autumn. This is the look I came up with!

Look downBench Blue.jpg

Now, I’m usually not one for leather or fur, but something about the trend this season has caught my eye,  it’s possibly the constant bombardment of both trends in every high street store for the past 2 months… subliminal messaging? I think so…

Anyways, I bit the bullet and decided to step out of my comfort zone and purchased these leather look leggings from Zara, as well as being talked into buying this light pink faux fur gilet ,  from New Look by the bestie! I love the gilet, even though it’s not something I’d usually wear. It’s light enough to allow for layering (an ever-present trend this time of year), but it’s still warm enough that you won’t have to throw on 15 layers underneath in fear of freezing!

Blue head tilt.jpg

Mon' In

These suede red boots from Topshop are the star of the show, perfect for adding a pop of colour to any outfit, and of course bang on trend this season with red taking over from catwalk to high-street!

Follow me

I’m excited to experiment with more A/W ’17 trends!

What trend are you loving this season?

xoxo – Yer Wan, Jessie


Life After Graduation?

Life After Graduation?

As is often the case, life after college can be a time of tough decisions.

Do I want to pursue a career in my field?

What even is my “field”?

What can I actually do?

What’s worse than you panicking, wondering about these questions? Others asking you. If I hear “So, any news on the job front?” one more time, I might crack. You mean well, but please stop.

There is a lot of pressure on graduates nowadays to have a path chosen directly after college. And to those of us who don’t have a job lined up fresh out of college it’s possible to feel lost.

Choosing what to pursue at college at the age of 17, and finishing college at 21 leaves a lot of room for error. Your interests have grown and changed, and you might not see yourself in the career you once thought was your ideal fit.

Me and degree.JPG


As someone who’s recently graduated and recently come to terms with ‘life after college’, my advice? Relax. You’ve survived a whole degree process of stresses and strains. It’s finally over, take this time to pursue different avenues, see where your interests and talents lie, take a few risks cos you never know what might end up paying off! Without the distraction of college work, it can be easier to focus.

A shocking amount of people pursue a career in a field completely unrelated to their degree. Whether they graft and gain experience in the area they want to be in, or they give it some time and go back to education to retrain. In this day and age we are lucky to have so many different options available!

Life is not a race. You don’t have to commit to a full time job as soon as you’ve got that piece of paper in your hand. Nor do you have to stick to a timeline, if you’re 22 and in full time employment heading towards your career goals, fair play! If you’re 28 and still clueless as to where your life is going, that’s fine too! It’s not an unwritten rule that everyone has to check certain things off of a list of ‘life goals’ by a certain age, that would be shockingly boring!

grown up?.JPG

“Am I an adult now??”


So while it can appear your peers have their lives together, a job or internship secured long before those final exams were even taken. Some heading off on grad visas to every corner of the globe to pursue fame and fortune, others leaving to volunteer in tropical paradises. They’re more than likely just as confused as you.

So, the good news is, it’s not just you. There are loads of people in this limbo of after college uncertainty. Your best option is to take a few risks and see where your interests lie. Apply for that job that you think may be out of your league. Enrol in that night course that you are interested in. Sign up for that volunteer programme you’ve been researching for months!

Your degree is not the be all and end all, and it most certainly does not define you or your future, remember that!

xoxo – Yer Wan, Jessie

Up and away!

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